Hello, and thanks for stopping by! My name is Mike DeBritz, and I’m a small business owner and work as a fractional Sales and Marketing Advisor. My site is named FMD Consulting because of a fun fact about me: my first name is Francis. I’m a junior but never went by Frank, which my father had corned. It was a big surprise at high school graduation and caused trouble with TSA until I standardized, lending to many nicknames, the best being “Fritz.” Feel free to use any of the above.

Previously, I held direct sales, management, and product marketing roles within the advertising, telecommunications, and network technology industries. I started my career in sales, selling advertising for commission only before I landed a “real job” for the mighty Xerox way back in the mid-80s.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2004 when I started consulting for K-12 tutoring providers and developing my line of course kits for schools. I had experience in the space, working for startups in educational technology and software-as-a-service.

As I began to develop our product concept while consulting, I applied to a business incubator, which required a business plan. I majored in Communications, so with some creative writing and revenue projections, my application was accepted. As a lifelong learner, I read constantly to absorb information that could benefit my business.

I launched our initial products and began gaining traction, which was truly amazing; bringing a product from concept to real life was indescribably fun. However, after riding the cynical wave of educational funding for a few years, I knew we needed to diversify our business and develop other revenue streams.

As an active business incubator member, I met many other business owners. I observed founders with solid ideas but needing more go-to-market plans and digital marketing skills, which provided many advantages to startups. In 2012, I started offering my services as a part-time marketing specialist while working on my own product business.

In 2020, I began moving my services toward strategy and advising. Small businesses benefit when they own their marketing and develop their team. Also, they know their product inside and out, so they’re in the best position to broadcast what makes them different and iterate on the spot as needed. Buying services from others is not the best way to learn; getting your hands dirty provides a great education.

My advisory experience includes working with clients in education, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services. I help set priorities for the most impactful investment of your time and resources. Building repeatable systems along the way makes running your business easier and more enjoyable.

I understand that a successful sales and marketing strategy involves making trade-offs. I’ll assist you in planning, budgeting, and implementing a plan that aligns with your current business needs and adapts to your evolving enterprise. I’ll guide you in making the necessary changes to achieve measurable financial growth, emphasizing that value decisions aren’t a concern by offering fixed-fee, unlimited access retainers.

I recognize that lasting change is integral to success. I go beyond merely “doing work” by transforming our ideas into systems that become valuable assets for your business. Acknowledging the importance of hunches and data in marketing, I’ll help organize your data meaningfully, allowing us to make informed decisions.