Areas where I can help you.

Email Marketing
The statistics for email continue to show the highest ROI of any outreach strategy, dwarfing social media. Email marketing is one of my favorite outreach strategies because it’s affordable to start, provides instant feedback, and, when designed well, yields results. If you’re having trouble creating campaigns or sending your customer newsletter consistently, I can help you set a strategy and a manageable implementation schedule. This is one of the best places to start when building your outreach plan.

Customer Relationship Management
When a business grows, keeping track of multiple contacts at each customer can get confusing. Keeping all your contacts in your email client just won’t cut it because there isn’t enough information input to work with. A CRM allows you to view your customer base holistically, sorting by buyer types, products purchased, and almost any other data point you need to track. CRM provides a fantastic feeling of organization and an excellent foundation for marketing to your existing and future clients.

Marketing Automation
Take the next step to envision ways to improve how customers interact with your website. It’s not enough anymore to get back soon; when a potential customer offers their email, you must respond quickly and with the right message. Marketing automation provides the ability to send highly customized email-based behavior. It can be joining a newsletter, making an online purchase, or requesting a quote.

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