Marketing Advisor

How it Works

Building a solid marketing infrastructure takes dedication and patience to discover the right mix of tactics that align with your strategy. Together, we will develop a systemized marketing plan that provides visibility into what’s working, giving you the confidence and insights needed to make better decisions.

With this program, your core marketing team will gain private and unlimited 24/7 access to me through Slack, phone, or email. The program includes an initial assessment during our kick-off call, unlimited 1:1 access to me via Slack, email, and telephone, a monthly deep-dive strategy call, access to my network of vetted marketing specialists, and a customized KPI dashboard to clarify your data. This tier of service works well for maintaining continuity after assisting as an Interim Marketing Director. 

My Process

You can contact me any day or time with questions, and I will respond within 24 business hours, often on the same day during business hours. If I need immediate access to someone who fits your implementation needs, I will help you source marketing suppliers. You can forward emails and include me on supplier calls to ensure you receive advice as needed. Additionally, I can guide you on which proven marketing software matches your team’s capacity and experience.

I can also assist you in building a detailed budget, effectively allocating it, and planning the necessary resources to get the job done. We will work together to develop measurable goals that determine short- and long-term success. Furthermore, I can provide feedback on marketing materials and deliverables from your team or outside suppliers, and we can collaborate on creating your own KPI dashboard, which we will review regularly.

While I am here to offer guidance and expertise, a few areas fall outside my consulting services. These include project management, deep-dive training, hands-on tasks such as software setup or content writing, and access to me beyond your marketing team members.

Although I won’t be directly involved in hands-on tasks, my guidance will be geared toward helping your team execute tasks more effectively and efficiently. My ultimate aim is to foster a marketing culture that’s proactive, creative, and confident in leveraging the power of digital marketing tools and strategies.

Moving forward, you can expect my complete commitment to the success of your marketing endeavors. I’ll be ready to provide strategic advice, dissect complex marketing problems, and help your team become self-sufficient in their roles.

Remember, my goal is to empower your team, not replace them. Let’s collaborate to build your marketing systems and processes in a way that works for you.

Pricing & Guarantee

My advisory service program starts at $1500 for a 6-month minimum commitment and is priced based on the size of your marketing team, annual revenue, and growth. All payments are due in advance of the period. don’t want your money if we’re not a good fit. If you’re unsatisfied after the first 30 days, I’ll fully refund my entire fee. After that, there are no refunds under any exceptions.

Let’s Chat

Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s talk. Contact me here to set up a time to discuss your business.