Go-to-Market Essentials

Business today is hyper-competitive, with new ideas, technology, and companies sprouting up daily. Some days it appears to be moving at light speed, but your business needs to remember what you do and work at a methodical pace.

One way to prepare for new opportunities is by keeping your marketing assets refined and ready.

The checklist below is your non-negotiable toolset needed to sell any product or service. There are a few variations, based on your target customers, but in one form or another, they’re a necessity.

Essentials Checklist

    • Universal Selling Proposition

    • Brand — logo, guidelines, graphics

    • Keywords

    • Professional Website

    • Business listing(s) 

    • Product/Service Collateral

    • Proposal template

    • Email List

    • Newsletter

    • Articles/case studies

    • Marketing automation technology

    • Employee marketing education

Conduct a quick mental inventory and then work through the list until you’ve got every item covered. Then refine it as you put them into practice, in a few months your go-to-market toolset will be solid and you’ll meet new opportunities with confidence.