You’re ready to build your marketing team, but unsure where to start. I’m here to help. Create  a flexible marketing strategy that fits your business for faster results, fewer mistakes and peace of mind.

Interim Marketing Director

I oversee and manage your marketing strategy, including monthly analytics reports, proactive analysis, quality assurance, and more.

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Marketing Advisor

I’ll advise you on strategic planning, tactics, and support your team growth. Includes monthly analysis, access to my professional network, work quality reviews, and more.

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Sales Coach

My mentorship program caters to individuals seeking direction, assistance, and coaching to enhance their capabilities and progress within their respective organizations.

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Custom Projects

Custom engagements are available for those projects that don’t fit into my predefined service tiers. Whether you’re short on time, lack the necessary expertise, or are not interested in tackling the project yourself, I can handle it. 

Projects may include things like:

  • Content marketing audit and strategy
  • Hiring the right marketing talent
  • Marketing automation planning and training
  • Review and evaluate company CRM solutions
  • Refining your company’s positioning and marketing strategy

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