Why is Marketing a Struggle?

Small business is really a different animal, which in my thinking, really has its basis in how it started, by who, and how long they’ve been at it.

If you’re a founder and you’ve been building month in and year out. It takes time and most advice out there is focused on venture-backed companies with unlimited resources. Not everyone wants to start a company to flip, some are in for life.

What is your #1 Marketing Asset?

It’s you. Big surprise, I know, but you’re the reason this entity even exists which is both powerful and compelling. You already know how to sell your products or services, marketing is all about consistently communicating your know-how to future customers.

But you can’t possibly manage all the tools “recommended” for marketing in a small business, they tie up your time and add a barrier to what you really need to focus on which is your customers.

Understand your Capacity

When you’re small your customers hold the keys to everything you need to better help them and grow. But what often happens is you build a website, because you have to of course, but now you need to maintain it, and then come the add-ons. Then you hear about automation, pay-per-click, re-targeting ads, and the list never stops.

The payoff is long or non-existent, and if it doesn’t immediately pay off you’ll be on the other things. Worse yet you’ve given up and your website is completely neglected. You hear about the latest hot thing like Artificial Intelligence and you dive down that rabbit hole. Weeks or months later, you pop back out not any further ahead securing new customers than when you started.

Grow your Own

One of the main reasons small businesses are hesitant to hire for marketing is because their uncomfortable about exactly how to train them. Every business has its nuanced pieces that need to be transferred to your marketing team regardless of the size.

There’s a better way, if you can explain everything you do in person you can do the same for all your marketing, without a bunch of expensive tools. Get these ideas and plans down in a simple marketing one-pager (here are a couple: 1-Page Marketing Plan, and Scaling Up).

Once your website and digital presence and all the associated actions are fine-tuned you can consider help in the form of a marketing coordinator. Because now you have a blueprint of what you’d like them to focus on each and every month. Create a scorecard and let them at it. 

Now you have capacity to build new relationships, partnerships , and secure new clients. You know where the action is and feel best when building the business brick-by-brick.